Contractors or employees?

A recent court case highlights the difference.

In Jamsek v ZG Operations Australia Pty Ltd [2020] FCAFC 119, the Full Court upheld an appeal that two delivery drivers were employees, not contractors. The Full Court held that, while a contractor relationship may exist in principle, it is the totality and reality of the relationship that will determine whether a person is a contractor or an employee.

Abattoir Workers Offered New Vocation Training in Wake of COVID-19

In light of extensive reductions to staff numbers across Victoria’s abattoirs and after 45 employees of JBS Brooklyn, an abattoir in Melbourne’s west, refused to return to work out of fears for their safety following a COVID-19 outbreak, PETA has written to the union with an offer to cover the cost of re-training staff in the nonviolent profession of floral design.

Jaw-dropping revelations with icare

It was the conflict of interest surrounding John Nagle’s wife and her contract with icare that proved to be the last straw. After a week of negative press and calls for his head, on the back of a joint media investigation with The Sydney Morning Herald and Four Corners, Nagle finally fell on his sword.

Working from home

Apart from ensuring that employees had the technology and resources necessary to work from home, the biggest concern for many was work health and safety. Work health and safety obligations continue to operate while employees are working from home, and employers must be careful to implement strategies to help discharge these obligations in the absence of physical control over the employee’s workspace.