About Us

Why Monit

Most businesses are looking for the least amount of work to do with the maximum protection in courts.
Monit does this in spades. You never have to worry about Health and Safety again, Monit has got you covered.

Most people spend more time worrying about what they should be doing than actually doing it.
80% of the time, we find people asking themselves “What should I be doing?

We give you timely to-do tasks each 30-day cycle, relevant for your business, to ensure Health & Safety success within your workplace!

Why Monit?
Because we take 95% of guess work away and help you focus on what you should be doing.


Monit came about in the year 2000 out of a necessity to fill a void in the market that is sadly still there today. There was nothing on the market to suit the Small to Medium size business.

To service the Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) that don’t want to pay big dollars for a monstrous system that requires advanced knowledge on Health & Safety, Monit was created. In a day and age where we crave quick, simple & virtual assistance, Monit was developed to do just that.. and everything in between! 

Most people get confused with using complicated Software programs and if you don’t know everything about Health & Safety, there are not many options: 

SOFTWAREGreat for collecting data
Excellent reporting functions
Can be used in multiple locations
May be customisable
Advanced knowledge of health & safety required
Must keep on top of new regulations
Training required for safety manager
Other workers not engaged in safety
CONSULTANTSProvides experience and knowledge
Information readily available
High cost and experience lost when they leave
Does not provide a “live” approach to safety
IN-HOUSEOrganisation is involved in safety management
Low start-up costs
Requires knowledge of health & safety regulations
Time consuming to develop material

Monit’s world-first Virtual Consultant gives you all of the GOOD (plus more) with none of the BAD!

Check out all the features we provide here.

Our system is designed for end users in any Industry that needs the expertise of a Health and Safety Consultant, the ease of a simple software program, but without the hefty price tag.

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