Keep up to date.
Anytime, anywhere.


  • Great reporting features in real-time
  • The end-user does NOT have to be knowledgeable in health and safety
  • Monit keeps up to date with regulatory changes and industry standards
  • When your Monit user leaves, we’ll train your new user free of charge (only 40 minutes to be up and running)
  • All workers are engaged in your organisation’s health and safety


  • Monit’s world-first Virtual Consultant technology is like having your own in-house consultant
  • A Monit subscription gives you access to a health and safety professional. We are always here for you.
  • By default, Monit’s accountability process and methodology make your health and safety activity “live”.


  • Monit’s unique methodology produces plenty of evidence to show your business is addressing its safety obligations.
  • Subscriptions are inexpensive with little to no start-up costs
  • Monit comes complete with lots of reference material, including policies

Enjoy all the features of Monit:

  • A dedicated Support Representative that keeps an eye on your system, reviews your material and submitted evidence, and provides guidance 
  • Simplified app for ease of entry and record-keeping on any device
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Automatic WHS upgrades to meet current state, federal or industry standards
  • Compatible with the National Harmonisation strategy
  • Assists you to become ISO 45001 compliant
  • Reminder notices so you never miss a thing
  • Telephone support
  • Health & safety professionals available in addition to your Monit subscription
  • Free training for you and your employees
  • Free manager dashboard for reports and analytics
  • Access to full site compliance audits

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Staff working from home?

Ensure you are meeting your WHS obligations with our Working from Home System. This new system provides WHS management for your remote employees.