Charitable Work

A key part of Monit’s values is that each subscription contributes to our charitable work with the Missionary Impossible project. These projects contribute to the communities in Africa by bringing tools and building materials, cooking implements and education.

About Missionary Impossible

Missionary Impossible is a special series of missions that are designed to make a meaningful impact on communities in ways that may be impossible for larger missionary organisations. Many of us are eager to give generously, but we often don’t have the opportunity to see the real impact of our gifts.

For instance, it can feel like an impossible task to build infrastructure in a third world country, and for people in those countries, it can be just as impossible to make those changes on their own.

However, when we bring together those who have the ability to give with those who have the desire to work, amazing things can be accomplished. We firmly believe that through collaboration, determination, and God’s guidance, anything is possible.

The project’s impossible mission starts with identifying a vulnerable community and working with individuals within that community to bring about meaningful change. The goal is not just to improve current conditions, but to empower them to become self-sufficient and provide hope for future generations. We believe that with God’s help, these seemingly impossible tasks can be accomplished.

Major Project – New School

Your subscriptions have helped to complete the Mission’s biggest project yet with the building of a much-needed school in a poor rural area of Zambia. Doesn’t it feel good to know that while keeping your workplace health and safety in check, your subscription payments are helping to give hope to much-needed communities in Africa!

For more information about Missionary Impossible’s work, please visit our dedicated website.