Commonly Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions and answers

1. General

Can anyone in our organisation access the Monit App?
Multiple logins can be created to ensure everyone in your business who needs access to the App is able to login. Each user can login via any Internet-enabled device.
Can I access Monit App from my desktop/computer?

Yes. You can access the Monit App from any Internet-enabled device, using Chrome, Safari, Edge or any other web browser.

Can I trial Monit before I sign up?

Yes. Call our toll-free number and we will arrange a trial for you.

How do I keep updated with Monit and the latest WH&S NEWS?

The App has a news section which shares the latest health and safety news.

How do I know if my Business falls into the Small to Medium size Enterprise (SME)?

If your site has 50 or less workers, then Monit refers to it as an SME. If you are an independent operation, but belong to a large network with thousands of workers spread over many sites, Monit still treats your business as an SME.

How do I know Monit is the best choice for my Business/Industry?

The feedback from our customers across many different industries over the last 19 years tell us that Monit is the best and easiest health and safety product they have used.

Is Monit a Capricorn Preferred Supplier?

Yes. Monit is a Capricorn Preferred Supplier and allows you to take advantage of the benefits of using the Capricorn system.

Is Monit a software program?

Monit is a software program, a methodology and a support service all rolled into one. We use mobile technology to make it easy for you to complete your monthly to-do tasks. The methodology ensures a high level of compliance and the service makes the interaction between you and our Support Centre friendly and reassuring.

Is Monit available worldwide?

Yes. Monit is a global product which is not limited by borders nor restricted to an industry.

Is Training compulsory?

Training is not compulsory, but highly advised.

What are the standout features of the Monit App?

The Monit App provides a number of benefits:

  • simple to use,
  • requires no health and safety knowledge,
  • allows multiple user access,
  • utilises mobile technology,
  • collects substantial WHS evidence,
  • includes a unique accountability process,
  • qualified health and safety support rep included,
  • tracks compliance and risk management in real time
Why should my Business sign up with Monit and not another DIY WH&S system?

Although Monit is a DIY product, its unique methodology means that you do not have to know anything about health and safety in order to be compliant. That’s because our software is the only one that comes complete with a fully qualified health and safety professional. Yes, that’s right, our software comes with a real person!

Will I receive Training for the Monit App?

Yes. Before you get started, one of our trainers will arrange an online training session with you in how to use the App. Should you have someone new doing the Monit tasks, just call us and we will arrange a training time with them.

2. Billing & Payment

Can I make payment for Monit annually?

Yes. We can set up a payment schedule to suit most requests.

Can I pay for Monit using my Capricorn account?

Yes, you can. Monit is a Capricorn-preferred supplier. Simply enter your Capricorn number when filling out the site information and we’ll manage your payments through your Capricorn account.

How do I access billing?

Simply call our toll-free number and talk to administration. To begin a new payment subscription, you can use our online payment form here:

Customer Subscription

How much does Monit cost?

Because of the complexities of each business and the options available, Monit wants to offer you the best price we can. To do this, call our toll-free number and select “Administration” to discuss the needs of your business.

3. Compliance

How can I be sure Monit will provide my Business with the ultimate protection in courts?

Following an incident, the courts want to see evidence that your business has been engaging in a duty of care towards your workers. Without this evidence it’s difficult to defend yourself against a statutory, civil, or criminal WHS action brought against you. Don’t let the simplicity of the Monit App lead you to think the evidence it accrues is flimsy. The Monit App was specifically designed as an evidence gathering machine and has been put to the test in many court cases that ensured our clients’ success.

Is Monit compatible with the new National Harmonisation?

Yes. Monit is compatible with all state Acts and Regulations as well as National Harmonisation.

Is the Monit system fully compliant with every state/territory WHS legislation?

Yes. Monit works hard to ensure each to-do task meets the requirement of all Acts and Regulations.

Will I receive reminder notices, so my Business does not fall behind?

Monit’s accountability process keeps you on track and allows you to delegate the work out without having to constantly follow up to see if the work is being done correctly or done at all. Depending on how far behind you’re falling, our Support Centre will prompt you with a phone call, email or an SMS notice to get you back on track

4. Using the App

Can I access MONIT customer login via any mobile device?

Yes. The Monit App is a web app which allows you to login from any Internet-enabled device such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Can I report incidents within the App?

Yes. Completing an incident report in the App flags our Support Centre and a staff member will call you to verify your information and offer further assistance.

Does the Monit App track our business compliance activity?

Yes. All submitted work is overseen by a qualified WHS professional who assesses your work for compliance. Compliant tasks, including comments and photos are saved for reporting purposes. Non-compliant items are communicated to you and made available in the Compliance section of the App for you to address.

How do I set up my Monit Account and get my Customer Login details?

When you’re ready to get started, one of our trainers will call you and walk you through setting up your account. Yes we even take the guesswork out of setting up your account.

I am having an issue with the Monit App, how do I put in a ticket?

Send an email to or call our toll-free number and selection Option 2 for Technical Support.

If I have a question about the Monit App, who do I contact?

Call our toll-free number 1300 65 1177 (Australia) and choose the department you’re looking for.

The tasks on the Monit App do not relate to my Industry, how to I prevent these tasks from recurring in our cycle?

If you write N/A as your answer, with a reason why it’s not applicable, we will assume the task is Not Applicable to your business, even though it may be applicable to other businesses in your industry.

What do I do if I require technical support?

Call our toll-free number and select option 2 for Technical Support.

What if I don’t have time each cycle to complete the tasks within the App for my Business?

Simply tell us in your answer that you require more time to complete this task, and we will add it to your next month’s lot of tasks.

When does my monthly task cycle start/finish?

Each cycle is different and normally falls on the same day you started your subscription. For example, if you started on the 15th then on the 15th of each month new to-do tasks will be available for you in the App. You can also request a particular day of the month for all your sites, or for example, have different states run on different days. The Home Screen will always display how many days left in your current cycle.

Who will contact our Business once we complete our cycle tasks?

Once the Support Centre has assessed all your work for compliance, an SMS message is sent to the person we have on record. Generally, this person is the owner, someone in management, or the person in control of the site.

Will I receive reminder notices, so my Business does not fall behind?

Monit’s accountability process keeps you on track and allows you to delegate the work out without having to constantly follow up to see if the work is being done correctly or done at all. Depending on how far behind you’re falling, our Support Centre will prompt you with a phone call, email or an SMS notice to get you back on track