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Accountability built in to our software!

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If you’re not compliant, it doesn’t matter…
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Tasks Sent this Year
Tasks Reviewed This Year
Items Made Compliant This Year
See and complete all tasks easily in the app
See and complete all tasks easily in the app

Activity Level

Keep on top of your tasks by viewing your company’s current activity level.


The Monit app is carefully designed to simplify Health and Safety for end users, and provide accountability and compliance – the easy way!

Complete Tasks

Easily complete monthly tasks to ensure your company remains compliant with relevant legal obligations. A handy checklist shows which items still need to be completed.

Training and Resources

Access training videos, health and safety news and other resources from directly within the app.

Report Incidents

Report workplace incidents and near misses in the app, for immediate response from the support centre.

Keep Compliant

Non-compliant items are highlighted for your attention. Quickly address any tasks that haven’t been completed or have been identified as not compliant with legislative requirements.

Find out how we can help your business

Why Choose Monit?

Monit is a safety management system, with a real person dedicated to your company who manages all of your company’s WHS data – ONLINE.

The Monit system is fully compliant with each state and territory’s WHS legislation, and is updated regularly to accommodate any changes in WHS laws for your peace of mind.

Network interruptions

We are currently experiencing intermittent network outages at our Sydney server location, affecting the Monit app. You may not be able to login at this time. Engineers are working hard to restore network as a matter of urgency. Thankyou for your patience.