Global health and safety

The workplace accident is one of the most frequent circumstances that exist, in fact, according to the International Labor Organisation, almost 1 million accidents of this type occur every day, around the world.

COVID-19 related workers

Safe Work Australia (SWA) has published a snapshot of coronavirus (COVID-19) related workers compensation claims data, up to 31 July 2020. Collected from the relevant Commonwealth, state and territory workers compensation authorities, the data reveals that 533 workers compensation claims related to COVID-19 were lodged in Australia. Of those claims, 34% related to the mental health impacts of COVID-19. Additionally, 34% of the claims lodged were from the healthcare and social assistance industry, while 17% of the claims came from the public administration and safety industry. The ‘community and personal service workers’ occupation has the highest number of workers compensation claims.

Working from home

Apart from ensuring that employees had the technology and resources necessary to work from home, the biggest concern for many was work health and safety. Work health and safety obligations continue to operate while employees are working from home, and employers must be careful to implement strategies to help discharge these obligations in the absence of physical control over the employee’s workspace.

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