Man fined for assaulting WorkSafe inspector

A man has been convicted and fined $3500 for assaulting a WorkSafe inspector at a construction site in Elwood, Victoria. 

The 51-year-old man pleaded guilty to spitting on the inspector and hindering him in the course of his duties. The inspector was driving past the site in October 2018 when he noticed that workers were working close to an unprotected edge more than two metres above the ground.

He directed the workers to return to the ground for their own safety before asking for details. The man refused to identify himself to the inspector while swearing and pacing around him. He then spat on the inspector twice. He also hit the inspector’s notebook from his hand and attempted to take his identification. 

WorkSafe Executive Director Health and Safety Julie Nielsen said they will never hesitate to prosecute anyone who assaults an inspector. “Our inspectors can attend any workplace at any time and obstructing them from doing their job to protect workers from unsafe practices will not be tolerated under any circumstance,” said Ms. Nielsen. “Everyone has a right to be safe from violence and aggression while on the job, including WorkSafe inspectors.” 

Source: WorkSafe Vic.

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