Young offenders attack worker

A Parkville Youth Justice Centre worker was taken to hospital with facial fractures after he was assaulted when he tried to break up a fight on Sunday afternoon.

Paramedics were called to the facility just after 2.30pm, after reports that a worker who tried to end an altercation between inmates had been attacked.

The man was treated for upper body injuries and transported to hospital in a stable condition.

Police media spokesman Sergeant Scott Cameron said the force was investigating the assault, with all offenders identified as they remain in custody.

“Police have been told a group of inmates were involved in a physical altercation about 2.30pm,” he said.

“A staff member attempting to break up the fight was struck and is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.”

Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre remains in lockdown as new details emerge revealing dozens of guards are on WorkCover following violent assaults.

A Department of Justice and Community Safety spokesman confirmed the worker was assaulted on Sunday afternoon.

“Violent behaviour or assaults at youth justice centres are absolutely unacceptable, and the safety of staff, young people and the community is of the utmost importance,” the spokesman said.

“It was six versus one. We intervene to stop them killing someone else and our officer ends up in hospital,” he said

In October, two 18-year-olds and a 19-year-old were charged with intentionally causing injury, affray and assaulting an emergency worker at the Malmsbury Youth Detention Centre.

The trio allegedly picked up a plastic cricket bat and lunged at a guard, according to court documents, before repeatedly striking him to the head then kicking him, when he fell to the ground.

The facility was locked down following the alleged assault, with movements restricted for inmates and staff.

A spokesman for the Department of Justice and Community Safety said laws had been introduced to crack down on violent behaviour in the youth justice system.

These include a presumption that offenders who assault prison workers will serve their sentences on top of an existing period of detention.

“New laws are now in effect that strengthen consequences for young people who assault youth justice custodial workers, damage property, and escape or try to escape,” the spokesman said.

Source:The Age

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