Victoria sees ‘sharp’ spike in mental injury claims

Victoria has reported an increase of claims for mental injuries, according to WorkSafe, as its leaders are bound for Warrnambool to discuss workplace health and safety issues with local employers and leaders there.

Without specifying a number, WorkSafe Victoria chief executive officer Colin Radford said that there has been a “sharp increase” on mental injury claims, as well as over 500 serious injuries stemming from workplace incidents.

“Tragically, there were four workplace fatalities in the western district area in 2021 and 516 people injured seriously enough at work to need workers compensation,” said Radford in a statement.

“We’re also seeing a sharp increase in the number of claims for mental injuries right across Victoria, so there are many things to discuss.”

He made the remarks as Board members and senior executives of WorkSafe Victoria will travel to Warrnambool on Thursday to visit workplaces in the area.

According to Radford, the visit is part of the organisation’s ongoing commitment to meet with regional leaders so they can discuss workplace health and safety issues, as well as listen to local concerns.

“Local business and community leaders play a key role in shaping a region’s health and safety culture, and we want to support them to set prevention-led examples for others to follow,” said Radford.

“The visit also gives employers and workers the chance to meet WorkSafe’s senior decision makers and have their say on health and safety issues that are important to them.”

He further stressed that WorkSafe’s top priority now is to reduce workplace harm and improve outcomes for injured workers, adding that they are continuing to develop new tools and resources to help employers in maintaining safe workplaces.

“We are continuing to develop new tools and resources to support employers to keep their workers physically and mentally safe and create a safety-first attitude in every workplace,” he said.

“By working together, we can keep moving towards a future where every single worker makes it home safely at the end of the day.”

Source: HRD

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