Tradesman killed by electric shock

The 29-year-old was working in the roof space of a beauty salon on King William Road when he received an electric shock and was taken to hospital in a critical condition. Mr Hallion succumbed to his injuries on Saturday.

The keen sportsman has been remembered by his coach and teammate at Adelaide Dodgeball as a loyal player with a sassy smirk.

“As one of my longest players you were by far, too loyal, and the ideal player,” Ky Meaden said. “Dion mate, I’m going to have a hard time without you around, but you are forever in my heart.”

Adelaide Dodgeball was also where Mr Hallion and his long-term girlfriend, Bee Moran, met three years ago and forged close friendships with other players. Ms Moran said her partner was funny, thoughtful and had a way of cheering her up like no other. She was still in shock thinking of the last morning they spent together.

“We did our morning ritual of breakfast and coffee, said we loved each other before we went off to our days, I guess you just don’t really expect it to be the last one,” Ms Moran said.

“It doesn’t make anything easier, but at least I don’t have the regret of not saying what I wanted to say. He knew that he was loved by me and I knew he was happy.” She stayed by Mr Hallion’s side everyday at the hospital until his death.

SafeWork SA are investigating the circumstances that led to Mr Hallion’s death.

Source: Adelaide Now

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