Man in critical condition after workplace explosion

A neighbour has recounted the harrowing moments following an explosion at a north Queensland workplace that left a young man with significant facial injuries.

Emergency services were called to a mechanic shed in Marian on Monday after what the Queensland Ambulance Service described as a “small explosion”.

Neighbour, Aimee, said she was working in her backyard when she heard it shortly after 2pm.

“We looked up and we knew it wasn’t good,” she said

“We raced out to see what was going on, then we heard the screams.”

Aimee said she ran to the source, a nearby mechanic shed, and saw several workers providing first aid to a young man.

“Everyone was panicking, and just trying to listen to what the ambulance said to do [over the phone],” she said.

“I raced in to grab some clean rags and I sat with him, trying to keep his airways open.

“We honestly didn’t think he was going to make it.”

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman said three crews, including critical care paramedics, were called to the business at 2:17pm.

The man was taken via ambulance to Mackay Base Hospital in a critical condition.

The spokesman said Workplace Health and Safety Queensland had been notified.

Aimee said another neighbour had also run to the scene to help in the moments after the explosion.

“A next door neighbour … was holding his head the whole time,” she said.

“[The young man] was trying to talk, [so] all he kept saying was, ‘Breathe’, because all we were saying [to him] was, ‘Breathe’.”

She said they worked together to keep the man supported and ensure his airways were clear.

Aimee said the young man’s mother, father and sister were all at the scene and were very distraught.

Source: ABC News

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