Online Toolbox Meetings

Toolbox Meetings make up around 40% of your health and safety activities and this is a great opportunity to maintain your WHS obligations during the current situation. You can conduct your own Online Toolbox Meetings in a manner that suits your workplace.

During this time, Monit also provides the option of booking one of our fully qualified workplace health and safety professionals to run your toolbox meetings via video conference.

How it Works

  • Meetings are conducted electronically via video conferencing, not in person. There is no limit to the number of workers present, and workers can be in multiple locations. Each worker must have access to a phone and computer.
  • Meetings will run for approximately 20 minutes (which should be enough time).
  • A member of your management must be present at each Toolbox Meeting.
  • More than one subject can be covered at the meeting. When you receive your monthly tasks put all your Toolbox Meeting subjects on one Toolbox Meeting Form.
  • You can choose a day and time that works for you.

Booking a Toolbox Meeting

  1. Go to
  2. Select Customers from the menu
  3. Select Online Toolbox Talk
  4. Click Book Now
  5. Choose a day and time that suits

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