Don’t let your business become a Headline!

The MONIT app gives you compliance in the palm of your hand

it is the responsibility of every employer to provide a reasonably safe workplace and to follow the requirements of WHS legislation

If you are a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business Undertaking), director, or supervisor, you need to regularly review your WHS system for compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. As these laws frequently change, it is essential to continually review and revise safety practices. To avoid jail time and financial penalties, you must also stay up to date with the latest trends and recommendations for workplace safety and take every reasonably practicable step to reduce risks and hazards.

It’s a Jungle…

Navigating the WHS requirements can be difficult, which is why we’ve done all the work for you. With MONIT, we give you:

  • a set of monthly tasks or questions for you to complete
  • a real live consultant to review your answers for compliance
  • your evidence, history and compliance saved together in one place
  • access to online training, videos and other resources
  • reminders about your unfinished tasks
  • and much more…